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Terms of Service

These are fairly basic and actually in English, not "legalese." Sorry, our French is pathetic and our German is abysmal. Don't even ask about any Oriental languages. However; in the sense of international cooperation (that's technical talk that just says we wanted to see if the blessed thing worked), we have included Microsoft renditions of this Contract here.

Don't slander or libel anyone, don't threaten or harass anyone. Don't use this site as a way to further your views if they are racist or hate-mongering. We, the editors, reserve the right to eliminate any letter/opinion piece/ad, etc. that is deemed offensive. One may report a possible violation and we will look into it and get back to both the "offended" and the "offender" and take the necessary steps, such as removal of post, prohibit the offender from more postings, or contact the appropriate authorities if the offender proposes such acts as killing/hurting/etc. a certain group of people or a particular person if we believe it is a dire threat. For instance, saying "I hate XXXX group" is one thing, but saying, "There is a meeting behind the liquor store at 9PM so we can gather and kill XXXX group" are two entirely different things. Number two is a no-no and CAN get one in deep trouble.

As always, the makers, editors, producers, or any one affiliated with this site such as advertisers or affiiliated companies are insulated from any repercussions from your or someone else's acts/notes/letters, etc. All we are saying is to keep it safe out there, don't threaten, don't write something that will get one in trouble, no libel, no plagiarism, and just act like this world truly is; one big old family that needs each other!


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