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Gun Ownership %
by: Simon Says

A recent poll in 2015 suggests the number of households owning guns has declined to about 32% from previous years but also suggests these households own more firearms each. Is this really true, however? The anti-gun lobby is estatic, of course, since they perceive it as a fundamental change in the way Americans view ownership. They believe there is a hard core of "gun nuts" that will never give up their weapons, but many are feeling less disposed to have a firearm in the house. Obviously, they feel that this will increase pressure on lawmakers to enact more stringent gun laws.

Both the pollers and these snti-gun people tend to forget a few things. These polls and collections of ownership depend on a number of things. Firstly, not all States require gun registration. A background check is NOT a registration; in fact, these records must be expunged within 24 hours after a report is made. Inherited guns and guns as gifts generally do not get registered. So, using this method to "discover" percentage of ownership produces greatly skewed and under-reported figures. Secondly, many people, due to the weirdness of the PC & gun control lobbies, & ordinary folk, often refuse to tell a polster whether they possess or not. Many say "no" because they don'y want it to be known or figure it is no one else's business, don't feel like answering questions, or just are great believers in privacy. Also, it is possible to be a target to the anti-gun club if one does say they own a firearm. I remember a recent article where one paper actually published the names and addressses of known gun owners. Clearly, many of these percentage "reports" are faulty.

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Political Correctness?
by: Simon Says

As we have all noticed, I imagine even those living in caves and under rocks, there has been a move to censure speech for the last few decades, or to make speech "less offensive." I remember a time when the guy who picked up your garbage was called a "garbage man." The person that dropped off and picked up mail was a "postman," the same for "milkman", "grocery boy", "illegal alien worker", etc. Not now! We must never offend anyone and be a proper. I am not talking about correct properness, such as one learns from an ettiquette guide. You know, the stuff that puts a thin coating of veneer on us so we can stand to be around others (think table manners, opening doors for women, etc.) This is more invasive. It has become "sanitation engineer", "postal carrier", "dairy delivery personnel, "merchandise specialist," and "vegetation harvesting specialist."

That was the start. Now it has gotten worse. People seem to get offended by the simplest of things. Remember the "temper tantrum" about the WA Redskins? Most Native-Americans could have cared less. It was mostly a liberal driven agenda to cause disscordance in the harmony of America.

Some students want to restrict free speech if the other person says something that might offend them or disagree with their rather naive view of reality. Many are so sensitive that any simple word can hurt them. Remember the old saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me?" Some people missed that lesson in life. Let's face it, some times life sucks; get over yourself. You aren't that important.

Let's discuss flags for a minute. One crazy soul kills a number of folk in a church. We all know this is terrible and God rest their souls. To the misfortune of millions of people, he was carrying a battleflag. In another "temper tantrum," the PC miscreants go after this symbol of National pride and States' rights. Many liberal cities and States get antsy and want to, or do, take it down. Some cowardly retailers stopped selling them. Killing is wrong, we all know that; but, why is it perfectly okay to fly a Black Panther flag or an ISIS flag and we hear no outcry by the left?

It gets worse, of course. Now, one daren't say, "Muslim terrorism.' God forbid. Yet, how many times have you heard, "Christian terrorism?" The Muslims get perturbed because some one drew a piture of Mohammad. Grow up; remember, life sucks sometimes? Even our Obama boot-licker (<--not PC) decided she would prosecute someone who "offended" Muslims? What about other religions? People have even died due to this ridiculous notion. Remember that little incident in CA that just happened? The neighbors were suspicious but decided not to say something? Why? They didn't want to be labeled "islamophobic!"


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