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Quote of the Month

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."~Albert Einstein

Current News

Impeaching Trump

In case you haven't noticed, there have been several so-called "impeachable" acts perpetrated by the President of the United States by the left leaning MSM and their hangers-on, such as liberal actors, musicians, comedians, etc. that absolutely HATE the ideas that Mr. Trump won the election. Instead of doing a bit of soul searching, they blame everyone and everything around them, everything but the real reason. Clinton was not a viable candidate, she had too many problems, was not in touch with middle USA, and was so wrapped up in her own belief that she was "entitled" to be the next Commander-in-Chief, she couldn’t see how she was losing ground every day.

This is typical of the left. They have been so coddled by having a liberal Democrat in the Whitehouse for eight years, anytime someone now speaks out against their policies or threatens them or their beliefs is obviously anti-progress, or are affected by whatever -ism they can come up with at the moment. They no longer care about facts and figures, only their unified blind hatred of Trump and their demoralizing loss through all sectors and regions of American gov't.

We must not take pity on them, nor try to apologize for them. Their actions, led by Obama, have torn this nation asunder by region, by race, and by religion. We must fight these trends and bring our wonderful Country back to sanity.

Uplifting News

Learning Patience

We believe this story came to light a few years ago, but somtimes these heart-warming incidents get forgotten. Here it is as a reminder. A young lady with two children went to target for a quick run but discovered herself behind an elderly lady. As the young lady waited, thinking she would soon get frustrated, something miraculous occurred.

Con't on Pg. 19.

New Pages!

We have added two NEW pages! One is aptly entitled Science and covers new Science and Technology ideas that should hopefully fascinate and encourage job growth and possible new places to stash that exra money in new stocks! The second new page, and quite properly the 2nd; is all the news you will not hear about guns, gun rights, examples of gun uses/protection, and a great way to start protecting yourself through joining the USCCA.

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